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Mid-Ohio Foodbank sending disaster relief

image of items sent to our sister food bank, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to help with disaster relief efforts.On Wednesday, May 22nd, a semi-truck from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank was on its way to help our sister food bank, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

The truck was loaded with 40,000 pounds of assorted items including bottled water, gatorade, Clif bars, snacks, crackers and cereal to help the victims of the horrific tornado that swept through Oklahoma on Monday. The truck left at 11:00 a.m. and should arrive at the Regional Food Bank tomorrow morning for a Thursday distribution.

Restocking the Pantry

Restocking the Pantry - an article from Columbus Monthly.(Columbus Monthly, March 2013) At the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, food donations are no longer synonymous with canned goods as its shelves are stocked with more fresh produce than ever before. It’s an exciting shift, officials say, but one that presents a new wave of challenges. Read more here...

Mid-Ohio Foodbank Launches Operation Feed - from the NBC4 news website.Mid-Ohio Foodbank launches Operation Feed

(NBC4, March 3, 2013) From canned goods and sweet treats to bananas and fresh vegetables, last year the Mid-Ohio Foodbank said it gave out 16 million pounds of produce. This year, the Foodbank is looking to provide even more. Read more here... 

Feeding America Visits Foodbank

Feeding America leaders, including new CEO Bob Aiken, visited Mid-Ohio Foodbank in January to discuss network trends and the Foodbank’s role in feeding our hungry neighbors.

Community Conversations Launch Across 20 Counties

Mid-Ohio Foodbank is helping in an effort to launch community conversations across its 20-county footprint, with a goal of optimizing each community’s response to hunger. Click here to learn more.

Farm to Fork produce initiative

Farm to Fork Produce Initiative - click to view the video.Feeding America produced a video about the Farm to Fork produce initiative, which is being headed by Matt Habash, CEO and President of Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Click here to view the video...